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US Requests Emergency Tariffs on Imported Solar Cells

The United States has notified the World Trade Organization it’s seeking emergency tariffs or quotas on imported solar cells.

The filing with the WTO, reported by The Hill, indicates the federal government is launching a safeguard investigation into photovoltaic cells on behalf of Suniva, a solar company that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 17.

In Suniva’s bankruptcy filing, the company indicated an increase in imports has taken marketshare from U.S. producers even though the domestic solar market has grown, and further alleges 1,200 manufacturing jobs have been lost and wages have fallen due to the increased competition, particularly from China.

Should the U.S. investigation determine serious damage was done to the company due to increased imports, the country could take actions including import taxes or import quotas.

Reuters reported the WTO previously found India “was illegally discriminating against U.S. solar exports” in September.