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Connecticut Siting Council Rejects 550-MW Gas Plant Construction

By Editors of Power Engineering

Plans by NTE Energy to construct the 550-MW, $537 million gas-fired Killingly Energy Center were rejected by the Connecticut Siting Council.

The council ruled the facility isn’t necessary for the reliability of the electric power supply or for a competitive market for electricity, the Hartford Courant reported.

NTE Energy, through a spokesman, expressed disappointment at the council’s decision.

“NTE remains convinced that up to 6,000 megawatts of older, dirtier and less efficient power generating units will soon retire in New England. The retirement of these units, as well as ongoing concerns about seasonable reliability and renewables integration, will support the need for Killingly Energy Center.”

NTE has not indicated if the company plans to appeal the ruling.

Earlier this year, the planned Killingly plant was not selected during the annual power auction conducted by ISO-New England.

The Hartford Courant noted Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy has pushed for more natural gas use for electrical generation in the state.