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Alaskan Plant Contractors Fined $882,000 Over Construction Incident

By Editors of Power Engineering

The state of Alaska is fining three companies a combined $882,000 for a construction incident at the George M. Sullivan Plant in Anchorage.

The state’s decision was due to violent shaking and high pressures in the plant’s steam piping system soon after a contractor removed a pressure release valve, Alaska Public Media reported.

Though Municipal Light & Power called for the system to be shut down during the Sept. 2016 incident, operators working for Universal Energy delayed taking action. Municipal Light & Power then evacuated their employees, and the pressure relief valve wasn’t reinstalled for nearly a week.

Universal Energy was hit with a $182,000 fine, while two other companies, Price Gregory International and Quanta Power Generation, now have a combined $700,000 fine.

Municipal Light & Power was not fined due to the evacuation order.

The project installed a 120-MW, combined-cycle GE LM6000 turbine in the facility, replacing six older thermal units.