Rick Perry Confirmed as U.S. Energy Secretary

By Editors of Power Engineering

The U.S. Senate voted to confirm former Texas governor Rick Perry as energy secretary for the Trump Administration.

Perry served as governor during boom in all kinds of energy production in Texas, from wind power to shale drilling, the Washington Post reported. Texas is now one of the nation’s top producers of wind power.

During his previous candidacy for president, Perry once named the Department of Energy as one of the departments he would eliminate completely.

In a press release, Tom Kuhn, president of the Edison Electric Institute, praised Perry’s confirmation.

“On behalf of our member companies, America’s investor-owned electric companies, EEI congratulates our new Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, and we commend him for his longstanding commitment to public service. Our nation and our industry certainly will benefit from Secretary Perry’s experience in leading a state with a balanced and diverse energy mix.

“DOE plays a vital role in driving innovation for our industry, and we look forward to working together with Secretary Perry on a range of issues, including grid modernization, reforming the siting and permitting of energy infrastructure projects, workforce development, smart city initiatives, and the growing electrification of our transportation sector.

“Protecting our nation’s energy grid from cyber and physical attacks is a top priority of our industry and a main focus of the Trump Administration. We look forward to working with Secretary Perry to maintain and strengthen the Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council, which is the industry-government partnership that coordinates efforts to prepare for, and respond to, national-level incidents or threats to grid security.”