GE Continues Modernization of 2,000-MW Nuclear Plant in Hungary

By Editors of Power Engineering

GE announced it has successfully modernized the fifth generator at the 2,000-MW Paks Nuclear Power Plant in Hungary.

Paks, Hungary’s only nuclear power plant, began modernization services with GE in 2013. Services on the eight operating generators, each 250 MW Ganz-supplied units, and one spare generator will continue through 2021, focusing on one generator per year.

The move will extend the plant’s life and improve its reliability.

“We are very excited to complete the fifth generator modernization and extend its life 20 years helping to support Hungary’s growing electricity needs,” said Pascal Schweitzer, general manager, GE’s Power Services, Europe. “The project showcases our ability to service other OEM generators in existing nuclear power plants as well as our readiness to support modernizing Paks’ station generators.”

GE has completed retrofits on 257 steam turbines at 103 nuclear power plant units.