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Powin Energy Installs 2 MW Battery Storage System in Irvine, California

By Editors of Power Engineering

Powin Energy Announced it has brought a 2 MW/8 MWh Millikan Ave. Battery Energy Storage System online in Irvine California.

The battery will supply peaking capacity and grid support services to Southern California Edison. Powin developed, manufactured, installed and commissioned the system less than six months after the project was awarded.

“The natural gas and resulting capacity shortages due to the Aliso Canyon emergency shutdown necessitated that we bring this project online by the end of 2016. I am so impressed by our team’s performance on this project — everyone worked long hours over the holidays to meet this incredibly short project timeline,” said Geoff Brown, President of Powin Energy.

The storage system consists of over 2,400 Li-ion battery packs, each containing 3.7 kWh of lithium iron phosphate prismatic modules.