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Schneider Electric Acquires Renewable Choice Energy

By Editors of Power Engineering

Schneider Electric, a French global energy management and automation specialist, announced the acquisition of Renewable Choice Energy, a company that helps commercial, industrial and institutional clients navigate clean energy purchasing options.

Schneider Electric said in a press release the acquisition will enhance the company’s position in the renewables market. Specifically, the company’s advisory services for power purchase agreements will be improved, and clients will be able to receive assistance in the implementation of green technology.

“As clean energy reaches price parity with traditional energy, companies are taking aggressive steps to integrate renewables. We are seeing tremendous demand from clients to source a mix of green energy at a competitive rate,” said Steve Wilhite, senior vice president of energy and sustainability services at Schneider Electric. “Together, Schneider and Renewable Choice are the clear industry leader for clients looking to diversify their overall energy strategy, while providing critical sustainability and risk mitigation benefits via clean energy solutions.

Since Renewable Choice was founded in 2001, it has worked with 160 companies in the Fortune 500 and helped clients install over 1,000 GW of wind and solar capacity.