Kemper County Power Plant Cost Surpasses $7 billion

By Editors of Power Engineering

Mississippi Power announced the cost of its first-of-its-kind Kemper County gasifier power plant has surpassed $7 billion.

The mounting costs are the results of delays in its official operation date, the Associated Press reported. Mississippi Power had previously announced Kemper County should begin operations sometimes this month, though officials told AP the plant will begin operations by January 31.

The latest delay has added $52 million to the cost of development.

To fully commission Kemper County, Mississippi Power needs to synchronize the two gasifier units. Though both have successfully generated electricity on their own, the company has yet to run them both at the same time.

In a filing to security regulators, Mississippi power indicated the company has run into problems finding a large enough supply of nitrogen to start up the gasifiers. A company spokesman said the company is now trucking in nitrogen to supplement the capacity of the on-site nitrogen production plant.

Kemper County was originally expected to start operations over two years ago. The original development budget was $2.9 billion.