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CLARCOR Industrial Air Announces Launch of Personalized Filtration Plans for Improved Gas Turbine Inlet Performance

CLARCOR Industrial Air announced today the launch of Personalized Filtration Plans for their gas turbine customers at Booth No. 925 at the annual POWER-GEN International Conference this week in Orlando, Fla.

Previously part of a gas turbine OEM business, CLARCOR Industrial Air has unique insight into how filtration and media properties affect gas turbine output and performance. This in-depth understanding and vast market experience has led it to recognize that many seeking gas turbine inlet filtration may not fully understand both the benefits and drawbacks of how different filters perform in distinct climates and environments. Its Personalized Filtration Plans will provide customers with a clear and transparent view of the options available to them; giving them the information they need to make the best decision for their installation and, ultimately, operation’s profitability.

“There is a great deal of variability in the operating conditions of gas turbines throughout the world and one filtration solution certainly does not fit all,” said Paul Sennett, Vice President and General Manager – Gas Turbine Filtration at CLARCOR Industrial Air. “Customers may be misled by market trends and find themselves purchasing a filter solution that does not best protect their compressor health, plant efficiency or operating costs. CLARCOR is offering these personalized plans so that customers can be confident that the filter solution they invest in fits the operating conditions of their compressor and gives them optimum return on investment.”

Each Personalized Filtration Plan is developed through a five-step process and is focused on what customers want from their installation rather than trying to push a particular technology. Clients first discuss the conditions of their plant with a qualified CLARCOR representative. An engineering team then carries out a detailed analysis of the environmental and operational factors specific to the turbine. Finally, a lead engineer reviews the analysis with the client and offers a recommendation for a filtration solution tailored to their plant. The process is highly collaborative and very much about understanding challenges and goals before recommending a solution.

CLARCOR believes these plans give it a way of sharing its expertise in workable inlet system technology and will enable them to continue their legacy of optimizing compressor health through the selection of the correct filtration solution for a specific installation. Its extensive filter portfolio, which includes several media collections in efficiency ratings ranging from M6-E12 with industry-leading HEPA products, means technology can be selected to meet specific needs and goals. Along with the full inlet system support and expertise throughout an installation’s lifetime, CLARCOR’s Personalized Filtration Plans will give customers an opportunity to realize significant, sustainable savings.

Visitors to the POWER-GEN International show can learn more about Personalized Filtration Plans and get an up-close view of CLARCOR’s new PRO-HEPA products by visiting Booth No. 925, or by visiting