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Alberta Okays Change for 98-MW Peace River Power Project

The Alberta Utilities Commission on Dec. 6 approve a Nov. 16 application from Peace River Power GP Ltd. for the alteration of a 98-MW natural gas-fired plant in Northern Sunrise County, with the alteration needed to support future plant expansion.
Said the Dec. 6 approval order: “After consideration of the record of the proceeding, and for the reasons outlined in this decision, the Commission finds that approval of the project is in the public interest having regard to the social, economic, and other effects of the project, including its effect on the environment.”
Peace River Power has an Aug. 31 approval from the commission to construct and operate this 98-MW natural gas-fired plant, located approximately 40 kilometers northeast of the town of Peace River. Peace River Power requested approval to alter the type of transformers at the power plant. It proposed to change the step-up transformers from the approved two 13.8/144-kilovolt (kV) transformers to two 13.8/240-kV transformers. The new transformers would have the same rating of 45/60/75 megavolt-ampere as the previous transformers. Peace River Power explained that the change was necessary because it intended to expand the power plant at a later date and that in order to accommodate this expansion, the interconnection would require a voltage level of 240-kV instead of the originally planned 144-kV.
The project would consist of two 49-MW simple cycle General Electric LM6000-PH gas turbine generators. Peace River Power stated that the plant would utilize conventional sales and associated gas from the existing production wells in the vicinity of the project site. The power will be exported to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System.

This article was republished with permission from Generation Hub.