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Dresser-Rand Completes Offshore Combined-Cycle Equipment for Shell Appomattox

By Editors of Power Engineering

Dresser-Rand has completed and delivered power generation equipment for the Shell Appomattox deep-water oil and gas combined-cycle floating production platform.

The 150-MW platform 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana will feature four 27-MW gas turbine-driven generator sets equipped with heat recovery systems and a 40-MW steam turbine generator. The project is slated to be finished at the end of the decade.

Each of the gas turbine gen-sets are self-contained, fully-functional mini-modules that will remain connected after unit testing, substantially reducing the time required to install the packages.

“This project demonstrates the Dresser-Rand business’ unique capabilities to deliver full solutions for both power generation and oil and gas applications,” said Jesus Pacheco, executive vice president of new equipment worldwide at Dresser-Rand. “Combined cycle power plants built for offshore applications are rare and we’re pleased to leverage our comprehensive portfolio to produce a solution that meets all of Shell’s requirements.”

For the Shell Appomattox project, Dresser-Rand had to create a compact design and reduced weight to accommodate the platform’s space constraints while still allowing easy accessibility for maintenance and providing adequate workspace.

“Our team designed and manufactured a compact, lightweight solution that will operate reliably and safely under the harsh conditions inherent in offshore applications,” Pacheco said.

The steam turbine generator was designed in Kongsberg, Norway and manufactured in Wellsville, New York.

Dresser-Rand was acquired by Siemens Power and Gas division in 2014 for $7.6 billion.