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L-3 Mapps to Upgrade Nuclear Power Plant Simulator in China

Hongyanhe nuclear power plant

L-3 Mapps signed a service contract to update the reactor core model for the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant Phase I full scope simulator in China.

L-3’s Orchid Core Builder is a graphical utility used to create and validate cycle-specific reactor core data. The utility generates an advanced reactor kinetics model (Comet Plus) based on the Nodal Expansion Method. It will be used to update the simulator’s fuel cycle data to the latest plant data, and the Comet Plus reactor model will support an 18-month refueling cycle to reflect the upgraded refueling cycle undertaken at the plant. The updated model is set to be completed in fourth quarter 2016.

Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power, which operates Phase I of the nuclear plant, is a joint venture of China General Nuclear, State Power Investment Corp., and Dalian Construction Investment Group. The Phase I site has four, 1,118-MW CPR1000 three-loop Pressurized Water Reactors.

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