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NRG’s Limestone Electric Generating Station To Switch to Cleaner Coal

NRG Energy has announced its plans to burn cleaner coal at it Limestone Electric Generating Station in Jewett, Texas.

Bloomberg reports the company will cancel a contract with Westmoreland Coal Co. for lignite mined near the plant, in favor of cleaner burning Powder River Basin (PRB) coal from Wyoming. The decision is based on plant economics, said NRG, but will also cut emissions at the facility.

Gas has lately eclipsed coal as the most used fuel in U.S. power generation, according to the Energy Information Administration, and many plants across the country have opted to convert to the fuel. NRG said it would cost millions to convert its Limestone plant to gas, and that switching to PRB coal would incur no significant cost penalty.

NRG’s contract with Westmoreland will end two years early on December 31.