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Doosan Acquires 1Energy

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (DHIC) today announced the acquisition of Seattle-based 1Energy Systems, a company founded in 2011 to develop a software platform that automatically integrates distributed energy resources into the electric power system. Doosan said its acquisition furthers the company’s expansion into technology solutions that manage and operate resources on an increasingly digital and distributed electric grid.

The distributed software controls developed by 1Energy eliminate variability and response latency, helping power producers more efficiently integrate wind and solar generation into grid operations. The software balances supply and demand in real time, while maintaining power quality and grid frequency.

Doosan says the software solutions cut across the power grid and microgrid sectors, enabling traditional grids to move away from a centralized model of power generation, while maintaining reliable power flows and ensuring that localized grids can operate autonomously and provide resilience in difficult conditions.

1Energy counts a broad cross-section of U.S. utilities among its customers including Duke Energy, Snohomish County Public Utility District, Puget Sound Energy, and Austin Energy. The company currently has about 30 MW of energy storage projects using its platform.

“Wind and solar power, energy storage and the advent of electric vehicles are changing how the grid operates,” said David Kaplan, 1Energy CEO. “Intermittent and distributed sources of both energy demand and generation require a more dynamic, digital grid, where power flows both ways – to and from the end customer. 1Energy was founded to solve these problems, and becoming part of Doosan helps us further our mission.”

1Energy will be renamed Doosan GridTechTM and operate as a new business division of DHIC. Headquarters for the company will remain in Seattle.