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Gulf Power Wants More Output from Oklahoma Wind Energy Farm

wind energy farm

Gulf Power, a unit of Southern Co. (NYSE: SO), asked to add 94 MW of electricity from a wind power plant in Oklahoma.

Gulf Power petitioned the Florida Public Service Commission to approve a second power purchase agreement that would add the output from the Kingfisher Wind farm for a total of 272 MW. If the additional output is approved, and once construction of Gulf Power’s three military solar energy projects are complete, renewable energy will be approximately 9 percent of the company’s energy mix.

“Gulf Power is committed to renewable energy that makes economic sense for our customers,” said Rick DeLaHaya, Gulf Power spokesperson. “Our renewables team worked very hard to make these projects affordable. These smart renewables, like Kingfisher Wind, can actually put downward pressure on prices.”

The 298-MW Kingfisher Wind farm uses a total of 136 wind turbines.