Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E, NYSE: PCG) announced that it will shut down California’s last nuclear power plant by 2025.

The two reactors at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant will be replaced with a power portfolio of renewables and energy storage under a joint proposal between PG&E and labor and environmental organizations. The utility said the need for Diablo Canyon is reduced due to an increase of the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50 percent by 2030, doubling energy efficiency goals under Senate Bill 350, growing distributed energy resources and other factors.

The reactors will be shut down when their licenses expire. Unit 1’s license expires on November 2, 2024, while Unit 2’s expires on August 26, 2025. PG&E will end any efforts on its part to renew the Diablo Canyon operating licenses and will ask the NRC to suspend the pending license renewal application once the joint proposal is approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. Read the full Joint Proposal here.

The Diablo Canyon reactors are the 13th and 14th units to recently announce their closure. Just days prior, Omaha Public Power District said it was closing the 482-MW Fort Calhoun nuclear plant by the end of 2016.

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