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AES Wins EEI’s International Edison Award

For its development of a grid-scale, battery-based energy storage platform, AES Corp. was awarded Tuesday the Edison Electric Institute’s 2016 International Edison Award, the power sector’s most prestigious award.

The company’s Advancion 4 energy storage was developed using proven technology from nearly a decade of experience in operating the largest fleet of battery-based energy storage in the world. The technology has been made available to other utilities, independent power producers and industrial facilities.

“Nearly a decade ago, a small team at AES had the idea to create advanced energy storage using lithium ion batteries,” said AES President and Chief Executive Officer Andres Gluski. “Today, we are the largest operator of battery-based energy storage in the world, with installations in four countries and advanced development projects in three more.”

Advancion 4 projects have been deployed in the U.S., Northern Ireland and the Netherlands since late in 2015. The company operates 116 MW of energy storage and has another 278 MW of storage under construction.

“Mitsubishi Corporation and Eaton Corporation are now offering Advancion as the core of their energy storage platforms to customers in Asia and Oceania, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” AES said in a press release.

American Electric Power won this year’s U.S. Edison Award for its work to reconductor 240 miles of 345 kV transmission lines in South Texas.  Because taking the lines out of service was not possible, AEP replaced all 240 miles of lines while they were in an energized state.