Power Leaders Are Moving to the Cloud

Cloud-centric business models have transformed almost every aspect of our lives. From the way corporations procure IT services, to how we receive critical software updates to our cars. Concepts of speed, scale and competitive differentiation have all been transformed by the cloud, and it’s coming to the energy industry next. The cloud can:

  •       Help power leaders lower OpEx by reducing downtime with easier and faster software updates and scheduled hardware upgrades
  •       Help meet fluctuating business demands by driving flexible machine performance
  •       Extend the lifespan of machines by retrofitting and upgrading software without mechanical modifications
  •       Improve operator response and enable better decision making by tapping insights from consolidated data and analytics running on premise and in the cloud

With the advent of machine sensor data and advanced analytics come the challenges of speed and scale.  Speed is needed to consolidate and manage vast volumes of data.  Scale is required to apply analytics to deliver deep business insights. Discover how a cloud platform can solve these issues in one of GE’s latest white papers.