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Cold Hydrostatic Testing Finished at Sanmen 1 Nuclear Project

Westinghouse Electric completed cold hydrostatic testing (CHT) at the Sanmen 1 nuclear power project in China.

The completion of CHT confirms that the reactor systems meet design pressures under operating and accident conditions and signifies the completion of the plant’s design and construction programs. The test was started on May 25 and completed within four hours with the AP1000s reactor systems successfully maintaining a test pressure of 3,107 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) for 10 minutes without leakage. Inspection of the more than 1,800 required welds in the reactor coolant system test boundary found no leaks at that pressure.

The reactor is now set to undergo the next two critical commissioning milestones: Hot functional test and initial fuel load. The hot functional test, which tests all plant systems prior to loading fuel in the reactor, will begin in the next several weeks. Once complete, it will be followed by initial fuel load.

CHT is now set for Haiyang Unit 1 in China in the coming weeks. Lessons learned and best practices from each test will be applied to tests at other AP1000 reactors, including Sanmen 2 and Haiyang 2, as well as the four units under construction at Plant Vogtle in Georgia and V.C. Summer in South Carolina.

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