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GNF-A and TVEL Will Jointly Fuel U.S. Pressurized Water Reactors

GNF-A and TVEL jointly develop fuel assemblies for U.S. PWRs

Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas (GNF-A) and TVEL Fuel Co. will work together toward the licensing, marketing and fabrication of nuclear fuel for U.S. pressurized water reactors (PWRs).

The companies will form a strategic alliance to introduce lead use assemblies (LUAs) of the Russian TVS-K fuel design in the U.S. and seek licensing approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to supply fuel in reload quantities. GNF-A will provide U.S.-based project management, licensing, quality assurance and engineering services while TVEL will provide TVS-K design expertise, engineering support and initial fabrication of lead use assemblies. Subsequent LUAs are planned for production at GNF-A’s North Carolina facility.

“Being one of the leaders in the world nuclear fuel market, TVEL Fuel Company used its wide range of proven engineering solutions for VVER fuel manufacturing to develop its own fuel design for Pressurized Water Reactors,” said Oleg Grigoryev, vice president, Commerce and International Cooperation, TVEL. “This fuel is unique as its design and technology ‘genetics’ as well as cladding alloy differ from other alternatives. This will provide additional diversification of fuel supplies to U.S. Pressurized Water Reactors.”

The TVS-K is a 17×17-lattice PWR nuclear fuel assembly developed by TVEL for operation in Westinghouse-designed 3- and 4-loop PWRs. There are 35 of the reactors in operation in the U.S. It has been used for years in the Russian-designed VVER-1000 reactors. TVEL supplies nuclear fuel to 78 power reactors in 15 countries, research reactors in nine countries and nuclear-powered ships.

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