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Westinghouse Cuts AP1000’s Reactor Coolant Pump Installation Time by 37%

RCP installation time cut at AP1000 construction sites

Westinghouse Electric Co., Sanmen Nuclear Power Co., Shandong Nuclear Power Co., State Nuclear Power Engineering Co. and China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co. have together installed eight reactor coolant pumps at the first AP1000 nuclear power plants under construction in China.

The eight RCPs – four at each site – were installed between January and April. The first RCP installation at Sanmen 1 in January took 30 days to complete. The process was improved by 11 days at Haiyang 1 to 19 days, a 37 percent reduction in installation time. A key component of the reduction was the application of lessons learned and best practices at subsequent RCP installations.

“The successful completion of these highly complex installations without any safety-related incidents or quality issues is a significant milestone for our AP1000 projects,” said Jeff Benjamin, Westinghouse senior vice president, New Plants and Major Projects. “The experiences we’ve gained from these RCP installations to improve installation speed and performance have moved us beyond first-of-a-kind issues and are driving us to Nth-of-a-kind delivery for the AP1000 fleet under construction.”

Westinghouse has already plugged lessons learned into upcoming RCP installations at Sanmen 2 and Haiyang 2, as well as the four units under construction in Georgia and South Carolina. The RCPs are part of the reactor coolant system that maintains reactor core cooling and are components of the AP1000’s passive safety system design.

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