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First Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pump Delivered to Plant Vogtle Site

The first reactor coolant pump for the Plant Vogtle nuclear expansion project was delivered to the site.

Georgia Power said the reactor coolant pump is the first to be delivered to any U.S. Westinghouse AP1000 project site. It arrived via a truck from Curtiss-Wright Corp. It weighs about 187.5 tons, or 375,000 pounds, and is a critical component of the AP1000 design as it circulates hot primary-circuit water within the reactor. Four coolant pumps are needed for each unit.

Other recent milestones include the placement of six new shield building panels for Unit 3, bringing the total number of panels installed to date to 20. The shield building, which encapsulates the Unit 3 containment vessel, is comprised of more than 160 individual steel panels. The reinforced individual panels can weigh 10 tons or more and be filled with concrete. Once assembled, the shield building will provide structural support of the containment cooling water supply and protect the containment vessel, which houses the reactor vessel and associated equipment.

Units 3 and 4 are scheduled for completion in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

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