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UK Can Manufacture Westinghouse SMR’s Reactor Pressure Vessel

Westinghouse Electric Co. said the UK has the advanced manufacturing capabilities necessary to effectively manufacture Westinghouse’s small modular nuclear reactor (SMR)’s reactor pressure vessel (RPV).

The announcement follows a study of UK manufacturing capabilities by the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) and is an important part of Westinghouse’s SMR offer to the UK government. The study builds on their experience in design for manufacturing large complex parts for safety-critical nuclear applications, drawing on broad academic and industry knowledge. The manufacturing study determined that Westinghouse’s use of UK advanced manufacturing techniques offers a potential 50 percent reduction in delivery lead times and offers substantial cost savings to SMR manufacturing.

Westinghouse bid to partner with the UK government to deploy Westinghouse’s SMR technology in 2015. The company’s Springfields facility met requirements to manufacture SMR fuel in the UK.

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