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First GE Hitachi Feedwater Debris Strainer Installed and Operating

The first GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) Feedwater Debris Strainer is now operating at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant in Forsmark, Sweden. The strainer was recently installed with only minor piping changes and has performed as designed since the plant returned to service following a refueling outage.

The GEH Feedwater Debris Strainer is designed to capture and retain debris related to maintenance activities in order to provide additional protection against debris-related fuel failures in both boiling and pressurized water reactors. GEH delivered three strainer elements and housings to Forsmark and provided engineering, testing, installation support and training. 

“The strainer reduces the risk that debris as small as a bristle from a brush could enter the reactor vessel,” said Lance Hall, Senior Vice President, Nuclear Fuels and Services, GEH. “Based on the successful installation and operation of the first strainer, Forsmark is proceeding with plans to install additional strainers later this year.”

Once installed, the additional strainers will provide full coverage of the plant’s feedwater flow stream. GEH will work in collaboration with the plant operator to evaluate the long-term performance of the strainer and its contributions in preventing future debris-related failures. 

The innovative strainer, developed through an extensive design and testing process, is designed to retain 100 percent of particles above 0.016 inch in diameter while maintaining flow performance with minimal pressure drop.