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GE Hitachi Nuclear Reactor Inspection Tool Reaches Milestone

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Stinger robot inspects 1,000 nuclear reactor component

A remote-operated-vehicle inspection tool has reached a milestone of examining nuclear reactor components.


GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy’s remotely-operated Stinger In-Vessel Visual Inspection (IVVI) tool successfully facilitated the examination of more than 1,000 nuclear reactor components. The Stinger was recently used during a refueling outage at an unnamed U.S. nuclear reactor, the ninth deployment of the inspection tool. It was first used at Plant Hatch in 2013.

Stinger is able to examine the complete range of components from the reactor vessel flange to the annulus floor through advanced camera and remote positioning technology. High-resolution video can be transmitted in real time for analysis by NRC-certified technicians in North Carolina. With new camera and lighting capability, Stinger now has the ability to conduct cladding examinations on reactor pressure vessel interior walls.

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