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L-3 Mapps to Help in Darlington Nuclear Plant Refurbishment Project

L-3 Mapps will contribute computers for the refurbishment project at the Darlington nuclear power plant in Ontario, Canada.
L-3 Mapps will provide replacement trip computers for the second shutdown system (SDS2) and display/test computers for both the first shutdown system (SDS1) and SDS2 on the four reactors. The design phase is underway and the final production computer equipment for the four units is expected to be delivered by second quarter 2019.
The company will carry out the hardware design, integration and testing of prototype systems, including qualification testing, followed by delivery of production units for the SDS2 trip computers and the SDS1 and SDS2 display/test computers.
Darlington plant operator Ontario Power Generation phased out coal generation in 2014, and relies on hydro and nuclear power. The four-unit, 3,512-MW Darlington Nuclear Generating Station began operating in the early 1990s. OPG is planning a C$12.8 billion ($9 billion) refurbishment project that will extend the operational life of the plant. The outage on the first unit is set for October 2016, and the entire project is scheduled for completion in 2026.
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