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Indian Point 2 Down for Scheduled Refueling Outage

Entergy can operate Indian Point 3 through license renewal process

Workers with Entergy (NYSE: ETR) shut down the Indian Point 2 nuclear plant in New York to begin a planned refueling outage.
Unit 2 was online 99.6 percent of the time since returning to service from it’s a prior refueling outage in March 2014. It also set a record for continuous days of operation at 626, and a record for the amount of electricity generated, 17.8 million megawatt hours.
In addition to the hundreds of inspections planned over the next few weeks, workers will complete the installation of post-Fukushima safety enhancements, including portable electrical generators, pumps, cables and other equipment. Entergy is investing more than $60 million at Indian Point 2, in addition to tens of millions of dollars in new fuel, to complete the refueling and maintenance project. Indian Point 3 is expected to continue operating at full power.
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