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Bird Poop Caused Shut Down at Indian Point 3 Nuclear Plant

Bird poop shut down Indian Point 3 in December

Entergy (NYSE: ETR) says an automatic shut down in December of the Indian Point 3 nuclear plant in New York was caused by bird poop.

The utility says a so-called streamer from large birds caused an electrical arc between wires which tripped a safety breaker and shut down Unit 3 in December for three days. Entergy said streamers are a long line of excrement from large birds often expelled as they take off from a perch.

“If a streamer contacts an energized conductor, the electrical current may travel through the streamer back to the bird or pole/transmission tower,” Entergy said. “The result may be a bird electrocution, power outage, and/or line trip.”

Workers replaced several electrical insulators on a high voltage transmission line before returning the unit to service. Workers will also install bird guards on the transmission towers to protect from bird streams.

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