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Bechtel, BWXT to Accelerate SMR Development

TVA to File Early Site Permit with NRC for SMRs GenerationHub Wayne Barber

Bechtel and BWX Technologies Inc. announced a new agreement to pursue accelerated development of a commercially viable Generation III++ small modular nuclear reactor (SMR).

Bechtel will lead the program and leverage the company’s experience in engineering, licensing, procurement, construction and project management. BWXT will focus on designing and testing the nuclear steam supply system for the 195-MW BWXT mPower reactor. Both companies will collaborate to prepare a design certification application to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

“This technology holds great promise and we are firmly committed to doing everything we can to bring it to market,” said Ty Troutman, general manager of Bechtel’s nuclear power business unit. “It’s one of the keys to solving the problem of replacing older power plants without relying on fossil fuels or the intermittent availability of solar and wind.”

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