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Siemens’ H-Class Gas Turbine Fleet Exceeds 200,000 Operating Hours

Siemens says its fleet of H-class gas turbines has reached a milestone, exceeding 200,000 operating hours in January.

The H-class turbine – manufactured in Berlin, Germany and the U.S. – was introduced to the market in 2010.  Since then, Siemens has sold a total of 76 of the turbines worldwide to date – 39 on the 50-Hertz (Hz) market and 37 on the 60-Hz market.  There are currently 19 turbines in the SGT-8000H series in commercial operation.

Egypt is responsible for the largest single order of the SGT5-8000H turbine, where 24 H-class turbines are currently being installed in the Beni Suef, Burullus and New Capital power plants.

The most recent order for the SGT6-8000H was in January for two turbines for the CFE Empalme II combined-cycle plant.

The first SGT5-8000H gas turbine entered commercial operation in 2011 in Irsching near Ingolstadt, Germany.  The next SGT6-8000H for the 60-Hz market were installed in 2013 at Florida’s Cape Canaveral power plant and the Dangjin 3 plant in South Korea.

In combined-cycle configuration, power plants equipped with the SGT-8000H gas turbine can achieve more than 60-percent efficiency.