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Siemens to Supply Link Between Dutch and Danish Power Grids

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Siemens will supply a link between the Dutch and Danish power grids. The power grid service provider Danish and its Dutch counterpart Tennet TSO awarded the contract to Siemens, as announced in a press release Monday.
Supplied by Italian cable manufacturer Prysmian, the “COBRA cable” high-voltage, direct-current (HVDC) link will enhance the reliability of the power supply in both countries, while promoting the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid.
Siemens will supply 700-MW HVDC converter stations on both sides of the HVDC link—one at Eernhaven in Holland and one Endrup in Denmark. The HVDC link will be routed as a 325-km subsea cable through the North Sea.
The link is scheduled to begin commercial operation in early 2019. HVDC is the only solution that provides low-loss and economical transmission of electricity for cable-connected high-voltage links over distances of more than 80 kilometers.