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Siemens Reaches Higher Efficiency at Düsseldorf Power Plant

Siemens Reaches Higher Efficiency at Düsseldorf Power Plant

Siemens announced it has set “three new records in worldwide comparison.”

The new highs occurred at utility Stadtwerke Düsseldorf’s power plant at its Lausward location in Düsseldorf, Germany’s harbor area. The plant was delivered turnkey by Siemens and relies on a Siemens H-class turbine.

In a pre-acceptance test run, the new unit achieved a maximum electrical net output of 603.8 MW, representing a new record for a combined-cycle plant of this type operating in a single-shaft configuration.

The unit also realized 61.5 percent net power-generating efficiency, also representing a new world record according to Siemens. This higher efficiency reduces the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the environment by a theoretical 2.5 million tons annually.

Additionally, the new unit can deliver up to 300 MW to Düsseldorf’s district heating system, also a new “international peak value for a power plant equipped with only one gas and steam turbine,” according to Siemens. This boosts the plant’s fuel utilization to 85 percent, while reducing CO2 emissions to 230 grams/kWh.

To date Siemens has 76 H-class gas turbines under contract worldwide. With 17 units in commercial operation, the SGT-8000H fleet has reached more than 195,000 hours of operation.