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Fortum Upgrades at Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant Progress as Planned

Fortum Plans Upgrade at Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant

Fortum Corp. says the planned upgrades at its dual-unit, 1,020-MW Loviisa power plant in Finland have progressed as planned.

The program sought to renew the nuclear power plant’s automation system, refurbish the turbine generators and improve safety to help keep the reactors open until the end of their operating lifecycles in 2027 and 2030.

In 2015, Fortum completed a safety upgrade to install a backup cooling system independent of seawater, the diesel fuel storage and distribution system. These improvements are expected to ensure the plant can operate for at least three days without outside assistance in the case of an emergency.

Fortum said it invested approximately EUR 80 million ($85.9 million) into the Loviisa plant in 2015 and expects to invest a significant amount in plant upgrades in the coming years.

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