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GE Diesel Engine Set for Australia Gas-Fired Power Plant

GE Diesel Engine Set for gas-fired power plant

Clarke Energy will supply and install a 2.6-MW 616 diesel engine from GE’s (NYSE: GE) Distributed Power business unit.

The unit will provide black start capability to the 242-MW Diamantina combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant in Australia that will allow the plant to return to service in the event of a system outage. The plant operates in an isolated regional grid that is not connected to the National Electricity Market and high levels of lightning activity during the summer that can interrupt power supplies, so the black start capabilities are important.

The plant site includes the Diamantina plant an the adjacent, 60-MW Leichhardt Power Station, an open cycle, dual-fueled gas turbine that provides black start capabilities. The 616 unit is needed to ensure that black start is available under any circumstance for the combined-cycle plant and is expected to be delivered in June 2016. It is scheduled to begin commercial service in August 2016.