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Electrical Disturbance Shuts Down NY Nuclear Unit

Entergy can operate Indian Point 3 through license renewal process

Just days after Indian Point 3 received approval to continue operating while awaiting its license renewal, the unit automatically shut down Dec. 14.
The unit shut down due to an electrical disturbance on the non-nuclear side of the plant, which caused the main electrical generator and reactor to shut down as designed. Workers with Entergy (NYSE: ETR) are investigating the cause, but believe it is related to a high voltage transmission line that carries electricity from Unit 3 to an offsite electrical switchyard. A notification filed with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said site personnel reported seeing arcing on the transmission line, but the fire brigade did not find evidence of fire. Unit 2 continued to operate  at full power.
The NRC approved Unit 3 Dec. 10 to continue operating under its existing 40-year license under the government’s “timely renewal” provision and until NRC makes a final decision on the renewal. Entergy filed for the 20-year license extension in 2007 and the current license expired Dec. 12. Unit 2 received a similar approval in September 2013 prior to its license expiring.
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