POWER-GEN International 2015 Announcements — Wednesday

Engineered Rigging Showcases Pipe Modular Lift System

Engineered Rigging on Wednesday showcased its Pipe Modular Lift System (PMLS) in booth #1133.  The new patent-pending PMLS eliminates the hazards of suspended loads, impacts from wind and reliance on cranes by employing a platform that mechanically raises and lowers heavy components.  It provides a safer, faster method of lifting equipment and materials up and into elevated locations and offers other advantages over traditional crane and gantry lift systems.

PMLS’s capacity and footprint can be custom configured for every site, thanks to its freestanding modular design. The system accommodates lifting capacities of 400, 800 and 1,200 tons at a vertical travel distance up to and exceeding 50 feet, with exact height tailored to match project requirements. The standard column section can be increased in 10-foot increments or customized to meet client needs. It can be constructed in square, rectangular and round layouts based on site-specific conditions. It is designed for five percent side loading with clear span openings configurable to 50 feet or larger.

The PMLS ships in 12 standard ground transportation trailers without any wide load or heavy load requirements.  Upon delivery, assembly requires five shifts or fewer.

The PMLS is designed to withstand 120 mph winds and operates in winds up to 50 mph. Its wind capacity and enclosed structural components enable work to safely continue despite inclement weather.

Email [email protected] to schedule a personal live demonstration.

Southern Company, Emerson Detail Cutting-Edge Approach to Combined-Cycle Plant Simulation at POWER-GEN International

High-fidelity plant simulators are a cornerstone for robust operator training, event replay and analysis, engineering development and “what if” analysis. Yet, managing traditional simulators can be challenging given the specialized expertise required to develop and maintain custom plant models and the complexity of maintaining two simulator software platforms – the simulated process models platform and the simulated control system platform.  At POWER-GEN International, experts from Emerson Process Management and Southern Company will describe in detail a first-of-its-kind combined cycle simulator implementation at the utility’s Mississippi Power Daniel plant that addresses these issues.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, Billy Moore, manager, simulator projects, Emerson Process Management, and Keith Nelson, I&C team leader, Southern Company, will present A Cutting Edge Approach to Combined Cycle Plant Simulation as part of the Plant Performance Improvement with Automation, Analysis and Simulation session from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in Room N242 at POWER-GEN International.

During the session, Moore and Nelson will review the innovative project, including project drivers and objectives, scope, technology deployment and phased project execution.  POWER-GEN International attendees are also invited to visit Emerson in booth #3826 to learn more about the company’s simulation solutions.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS Becomes 1st Generator Manufacturer to Use Waukesha Gas Engines in Gensets

HIPOWER SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of power generation and power distribution equipment in the U.S. and Canada, today announced it has developed two new generators designed specifically to take advantage of GE Distributed Power’s Waukesha natural gas engines, which will be available with EPA certification. The engines will debut in the HIPOWER SYSTEMS 313Kw HRNG-400 and 410Kw HRNG-510 natural gas generators.

For the HRNG-400, HIPOWER SYSTEMS is using the 400 BHP, 1800 RPM Waukesha F18SE-EPA engine. The HRNG-510 will be driven by the 530 BHP, 1800 RPM Waukesha H24SE-EPA. Both will be fully certified by the EPA for use in portable and stationary generator sets and other mobile equipment.

According to Balough, both engines can adapt to run fuel ranging from pipeline-quality gas to propane with minimal derate (reduction in power rating). They can also run off most well-head gases without the need for extensive fuel conditioning or filtering.  As a result, these engines and the HIPOWER SYSTEMS gensets that use them will be optimally suited for use in oil and gas (O&G) applications; particularly those that may involve well-head gas, such as gas compression operations.

Visit the HIPOWER SYSTEMS at booth #5020.

United Electric Controls Announces Program to Help Companies Define Switch Upgrade Strategies

United Electric Controls (UE), provider of digital and mechanical switches, has announced a new program to help companies assess their industrial switching needs and evaluate upgrade opportunities. The program includes a guided assessment of needs for operational visibility, adjustability, safety, availability, energy conservation, economy and hazardous locations and helps determine the ideal combination of legacy and new digital switches that can meet them.

UE offers a unique line of digital and electromechanical switches, including hybrid transmitter-switches that offer functionality not possible with traditional switches or process transmitter, including the following:

  • For companies that might want to augment their switching capability with built in temperature or pressure sensing capability, UE offers its One Series 1XTXSW hybrid transmitter-switch, which functions as a switch, a gauge, and a transmitter. This reduces costs and potential media leaks while increasing reliability. It is ideal for applications with high cycle rates and hazardous environments.
  • For those that need SIL 2 or SIL 3 functionality, UE offers its One Series Safety Transmitter, a unique hybrid that integrates a switch, a transmitter and a logic solver in one unit. This enables deployment of a fully certified Safety Instrumented System (SIS) in the field while minimizing the number of safety components.
  • For those who benefit from continuing to use mechanical switches, UE offers a complete line of electromechanical pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, temperature and general purpose switches, covering heavy, medium and light duty applications.

Visit United Electric Controls at booth #5246.