POWER-GEN International 2015 Announcements — Tuesday

U.S. Water Launches SMART Care™ for Membranes and PhosZero™ Antiscalant/Corrosion

U.S. Water, provider of integrated solutions for water treatment, is launching the SMART Care™ for Membranes Service Program during POWER-GEN International 2015.

The SMART Care™ for Membranes program provides preventative maintenance and proper monitoring of membrane systems.  Thorough RO system preventative maintenance and monitoring reduces the risk of production downtime due to insufficient quality or quantity of water being produced, reducing total cost of operations.  Each SMART Care™ for Membranes program is custom tailored to meet specific production needs, combining an array of available consumables and services from U.S. Water’s product line of membrane-related offerings.

U.S. Water also announced PhosZero™ with E-FeX™ Technology, a breakthrough in sustainable chemistry for cooling water treatment.  U.S. Water’s latest generation of PhosZero™ contains E-FeX™ Technology, a synergistic blend of ingredients that replaces the most common uses of phosphorus in cooling water applications.

The PhosZero™ family of cooling water treatment products are designed to provide both scale and corrosion control, similar to “traditional” phosphorus-containing chemistries but without the discharge or aquatic toxicity concerns of older technologies.

U.S. Water is co-sponsor of POWER-GEN International’s networking receptions Tuesday and Wednesday.  Meet U.S. Water representatives then at booth #6336 or visit www.uswaterservices.com.

KROHNE Highlights Flow and Pressure Technology at POWER-GEN International

KROHNE Inc. is showcasing a wide range of flow and pressure technology at booth #10417.  Visitors can view the OPTISONIC 8300 and OPTISONIC 7300 ultrasonic flowmeters, OPTISWIRL 4200 vortex flowmeter and OPTIBAR DP 7060 C differential pressure transmitter with integral flow element.

The OPTISONIC 8300 ultrasonic flowmeter is tailored toward use with superheated steam and delivers 1 percent measuring accuracy, high repeatability and a large dynamic measuring range with maintenance-free operation. 

The OPTISONIC 7300 universal ultrasonic gas flowmeter on display is an excellent choice for process gas applications, where it provides an economic solution for gas flow measurement in process and auxiliary measurements in oil and gas refineries and for non-custody transfer natural gas applications.

The OPTISWIRL 4200 vortex flowmeter to be exhibited is ideal for advanced energy management systems.  Used to measure both conducting and non-conducting liquids, gases and steam, the OPTISWIRL 4200 vortex flowmeter can be used for internal monitoring of energy flows for saturated and superheated steam or hot water and heat metering applications. 

The OPTIBAR DP 7060 C is a differential pressure transmitter for measuring flow, level, differential pressure, density and interface. Offering high accuracy and measurement stability under all process conditions, the OPTIBAR DP 7060 C is the newest member of the KROHNE OPTIBAR family – providing versatility and robustness, with fast response time and a modular converter platform for all applications.

Engineered Rigging Reimagines Heavy Transport

Engineered Rigging power slide opaque containerEngineered Rigging on Tuesday unveiled its new Power Slide System, which delivers a safe, simple and efficient way to move overweight, oversized loads in tight quarters.

Comprised of skid shoes, which are powered by hydraulic push/pull cylinders over high-strength flat-topped track, Power Slide is ideal for moving components such as turbines, generators, transformers, vessels and motors, especially when space limitations and costs preclude the use of a crane.

Power Slide’s high-capacity design and versatile configuration enable it to move loads ranging from 50 to 2,000-plus tons. Its rugged construction withstands daily use and extreme loads. The system’s low track height reduces jacking requirements enhancing load and project safety. 

With a state-of-the art fabrication facility in Russellville, Arkansas, Engineered Rigging can quickly design and fabricate with domestic materials customized systems and standard capacities, including:

  • 200 ton — 4-inch height, light-duty slide shoes
  • 300 ton — 5-inch height, 75-ton slide shoes
  • 500 ton — 6-inch height, 125-ton slide shoes
  • 1,000 tons to 2, 000-plus tons engineered and fabricated to specification

Power Slide demonstrations are available at Engineered Rigging’s Arkansas facility or via video.  Visit Engineered Rigging at booth #1133 or email [email protected] to schedule a demonstration.

BRUSH Aftermarket Invests in Pittsburgh Overhaul Facility

BRUSH Aftermarket, a division of BRUSH, the manufacturer of electric generators, has announced a new investment in its multimillion-dollar facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The operation already offers a full range of inspection, testing, repair and retrofit services for BRUSH and all major generator brands.  With the addition of a state-of-the-art balance pit the operation now offers high-speed rotor balancing technology, which can help improve rotor and overall machine reliability, plus reduce lead times and enable BRUSH to be a one-stop shop.

The rotor of a working generator can become unbalanced over a period of several years, leading to increased vibrations and component failure.  High-speed balance pit testing allows engineers to evaluate the mechanical and magnetic stability of the rotor under simulated conditions and make precise adjustments to correct its performance.

The facility allows rotors to be tested at up to 20-percent over rated speed, verifying the structural integrity of all components.  It can also help test thermal stability of the winding assembly and identify shorted turns and ground faults.

For more on the BRUSH group, visit booth #4416.