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Plant Vogtle Nuclear Expansion Reaches Several Milestones

Georgia Power announced that the last 1.3 million-pound steam generator arrived at the Plant Vogtle nuclear expansion site in Georgia.

The steam generator arrived from South Korea through the Port of Savannah and traveled via train to the construction site. Each Westinghouse AP1000 reactor requires two steam generators, measuring more than 80 feet long each. The generators are heat exchangers used to convert water into steam using the heat produced in the reactor core.

Georgia Power also announced that workers recently completed the 15-hour continuous pour for the Unit 3 “turbine tabletop”, marking the first turbine tabletop placement for a U.S. AP1000 project. The turbine tabletop is comprised of approximately 2,400 cubic yards of self-consolidating concrete measuring 10 feet-thick. It serves as a pedestal for the Unit 3 generator and turbines and is designed to support the weight of the heavy components.

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