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Finland to Build Nuclear Waste Repository

Fortum Plans Upgrade at Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant

The Finnish government granted a license to Posiva to build a final disposal facility for spent nuclear fuel in the country.
The final disposal site ONKALO will be located on the island of Olkiluoto and will store the spent nuclear fuel generated by the Olkiluoto and Loviisa nuclear plants beginning in the early 2020s. Posiva designed the storage site in two parts: An above-ground encapsulation center and the repository located 400 meters below in the bedrock.
The Finnish Parliament approved the decision-in-principle on the final disposal project in 2001. Posiva submitted the construction license application at the end of 2012. Finnish safety authority STUK issued a statement to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in 2015 stating that the site could be safely built.
Posiva carried out research and development work for 40 years on the site and the project design.
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