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IMMI Turbines to Build 8-MW Iowa CHP Plant

IMMI Turbines announced Wednesday it will build a $3.2 million combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Mason City, Iowa.

The 8-MW plant will feature one remanufactured gas turbine and a heat recovery steam generator, producing 4.2 MW and 24,000 pounds per hour of 150 pounds per square inch process steam.

“This is another step in our effort to continue to bring IMMI Turbines’ powerful services and energy solutions to businesses and communities around the world,” said Dr. Whitney Stevens, IMMI Turbines chief executive officer.

CHP, or cogeneration, plants capture waste heat and use the energy for things like heating and cooling.  These systems allow power plants to operate at near twice the efficiency of a conventional power plant.

“CHP is a proven strategy for increasing the efficiency for electric and thermal generation,” said Stevens.  “The new high-pressure, steam power plant will use CHP technology, which will translate into real energy and cost savings for customers.”

The power generated by the plant will be sold to local energy producers while the steam is sold to an adjacent ethanol plant.

IMMI Turbines will design, construct and install the plant and, upon completion, will manage the project.