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Hitachi-GE Nuclear Reactor Design Completes Latest Assessment Process

The U.K. Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) completed step 3 of the Generic Design Assessment of Hitachi-GE’s U.K. Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) design.
The third phase of the assessment looks at the safety and security arguments presented by Hitachi-GE to underpin the safety and security claims. Hitachi-GE expects to complete the final assessment stage in December 2017.
The assessment process moves into the final stage, which calls for the start of the Environment Agency’s and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) consultation on the environmental section of the assessment, which is scheduled to start in October 2016. Once the overall assessment is complete, ONR, the Environment Agency and NRW will use the work to inform any subsequent assessments for site specific proposals that use the reactor design, such as Horizon Nuclear Power’s proposed developments at Wylfa Newydd and Oldbury in the UK.
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