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POWER-GEN International 2015: Transition and Transformation

Issue 5 and Volume 8.

By Russell Ray, Chairman, POWER-GEN International

It’s the largest annual forum for the power generation industry.

More than 21,000 industry professionals from around the world will gather in Orlando for POWER-GEN International 2015, where innovative and cost-effective solutions for maintaining, operating and building new power generation will be shared Dec. 8-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

More than 1,400 exhibiting companies from every sector of the industry will be showcasing their products and services on the exhibit floor. The exhibition opens at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday following the keynote session.

The lineup for the keynote session on Dec. 8 features five high-ranking executives from companies involved in the power generation industry, inlcuding Dynegy, SCE, and Black & Veatch. Steve Berberich Steven Edwards

Steve Berberich

Steven Edwards
Stuart Hemphill Robert Flexon Joe Mastrangelo
Stuart Hemphill Robert Flexon Joe Mastrangelo

POWER-GEN International offers a wealth of networking opportunities with leading professionals and key decision makers. More than 200 speakers will share their thoughts on trends, technology and project development in 43 conference sessions. A wide range of topics, from emissions control to gas turbine design, will be discussed by high-ranking regulators, developers, power producers and industry representatives.

The keynote session on Dec. 8 will feature five high-ranking executives: Steven L. Edwards, chairman, president and CEO, Black & Veatch; Robert Flexon, president and CEO, Dynegy; Steve Berberich, president and CEO, California ISO; Stuart R. Hemphill, senior vice president, Power Supply and Operational Services, Southern California Edison; and Joe Mastrangelo, president and CEO, Power Generation, GE Power & Water.

This year, POWER-GEN will come to Las Vegas with four co-located events: Nuclear Power International; COAL-GEN 2015; Renewable Energy World North America; and the GenForum. We’re calling it Power Generation Week, which features five conferences and four exhibitions under one roof. All together, more than 300 speakers will be featured in nearly 80 conference sessions during Power Generation Week.

At POWER-GEN, 33 conference sessions will be held under seven tracks: Emissions Control; On-Site Power; Plant Performance; Gas Turbine Technologies; Microgrids, Storage & Virtual Power Plants; Industry Trends/Competitive Power Generation; and Power Project Financing.

Here’s a sample of some of the sessions that will be offered: “Small and Medium Gas Turbines,” “CHP Trends in North America,” “New Combined Cycle Power Plants,” “HRSGs: Design, Maintenance & Monitoring Best Practices,” “Asset Management,” “Steam Turbine Performance and Reliability improvement & Generator Inspection,” “Successfully Financing Power Projects in the Developing World,” “Options to Maximize the Value of Existing Coal Plants,” “CCR/ELG Regs: Walking the Tightrope,” and “Utilities’ Perspective on Energy Storage.”

Six mega-sessions are also scheduled. “The Threat from Solar,” “Clean Power Plan: Did We Get What We Expected,” “Large Frame Gas Turbines,” “Is Gambling with the World’s Energy Resources Leading to a Potential Crisis?” “New Business Model for Grid-Scale Storage,” and “Bettering the Nuclear Fleet with Modern Technology.”


Technical tours of three power generation facilities will be offered to attendees on Monday, Dec. 7.


NRG Energy, Google, BrightSource Energy and other investors have built one of the largest solar thermal projects in the world.

In the Mojave Desert, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System has a solar capacity of almost 400 MW and generates nearly double the amount of commercial solar thermal energy now generated in the U.S. Because of this, Renewable Energy World magazine crowned it the Renewable Energy Project of the Year in 2014.

The project, comprised of three separate plants, was completed in early 2014. Electricity from Ivanpah is now sold under multiple power-purchase agreements, each of 25-30 years duration with Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. The electricity generated by all three plants is enough to support 140,000 homes, and more than twice that number when operating at maximum capacity during the peak hours of the day.

Chuck Lenzie

Thirty miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Chuck Lenzie Generating Station’s peak generating capacity is 1,102 MW.

It is a clean-burning natural gas-fueled power plant in Southern Nevada, north of Las Vegas. The plant utilizes two side-by-side power production “blocks.” Both groups use two highly efficient General Electric 7FA combustion turbines to produce electricity. Additionally, the exhaust from the four turbines is recycled to produce steam for two General Electric D-11 steam turbines to make additional electricity.

The plant went into service in 2006. Unlike conventional power plants that use substantial amounts of water for cooling, the station uses a six-story-high dry cooling system. Similar to a car radiator, 100 massive fans (32 feet in diameter) are used to condense the steam back into water to be reused in the plant. The Chuck Lenzie Generating Station is part of a 2,250-megawatt three-plant complex, which includes the Harry Allen and Silverhawk Generating Stations.

The plant can produce enough electricity to serve approximately 665,000 Nevada households. The dry-cooling system enables the combined-cycle plant to make the same amount of electricity with a mere 7 percent of water used by conventional water-cooled facilities. The facility uses a wastewater treatment system that recaptures and recycles about 75 percent of the water used in the power production process.

More than 1,400 exhibiting companies from every sector of the power generation industry will be showcasing their products and services on the exhibit floor at POWER-GEN International 2015, the world's largest annual forum for the power sector.
More than 1,400 exhibiting companies from every sector of the power generation industry will be showcasing their products and services on the exhibit floor at POWER-GEN International 2015, the world’s largest annual forum for the power sector.

Hoover Dam

Just a short drive from the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam is a testimony to America’s ability to construct monolithic projects in the midst of adverse conditions. Built during the Great Depression between 1931 and 1935, thousands of men and their families came to Black Canyon to tame the Colorado River. It took less than 5 years to build the largest dam of its time.

Now, 70 years later, Hoover Dam still stands as a world-renowned structure. Hoover Dam is a National Historic Landmark and has been called one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World. This engineering project not only enabled the industrial development of the Pacific Southwest, but it also forms Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the Western Hemisphere.

Before your guided tour of Hoover Dam, you will have a short presentation on how the west was won with water and give you some background history on the building of the magnificent Hoover Dam. Next, your guide will take you over 500′ down one of our enormous elevators to the Nevada wing of the power plant, where you overlook the massive 7-story tall generators.

From there you will go on your own out to the Observation Deck on top of the Tour Center, where you can view the river flow, the lake and the massive expanse of the Hoover Dam.


Attendees of POWER-GEN and Renewable Energy World North America can also choose from 31 Competitive Power College pre-conference workshops on Sunday Dec. 7 and Monday Dec. 9.

Some of the workshop topics include “Effective Project management for the Power Project Professional,” “Outage Management Processes, Skills and Tools Improvement Workshop,” Distributed Generation: Wining the Interconnection,” “Project Risk management in Power Construction,” “Quantitative Risk Analysis in Power Construction,” and “How to Develop a Viable 316(b) Phase II Compliance Approach.”


A car will again be given away this year. The drawing for a 2016 Corvette will be Thursday, Dec. 10. Entering is easy. Eligible attendees must take their entry card to the booths of the sponsoring companies, have it stamped by the sponsoring exhibitors and return the card to the PennWell booth prior to the drawing. As always, you must be present to win.


Also, a golf tournament will be held Monday, Dec. 7, at the Desert Pines Golf Club.

Desert Pines Las Vegas was named a best upscale golf course in “Golf Digest Top 50 Resort Course.” Desert Pines also was host to the Golf Channel’s Big Break II. From championship tees to three sets of tee areas, Desert Pines Las Vegas offers a 71 par course spread over 6,810 yards that is the perfect balance between challenge and fun. The generous mounding separates the fairways which can result in lucky breaks from those errant shots and keep the game amusing and fun for all skill levels.

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