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SolarCity Announces ‘World’s Most Efficient’ Rooftop Solar Panel

PUC Decision Prompts SolarCity to Stop Nevada Sales, Installations

SolarCity claims to have created the world’s most efficient rooftop solar panel with an increased production capacity of up to 40 percent.

The new panels are designed to generate more power per square foot and produce more clean energy than any other panel on the market.

Citing the Renewable Energy Test Center, SolarCity says its new panel exceeds 22 percent module efficiency, and performs better at high temperatures than any other existing products.

Production of the new panels starts this month at the company’s Fremont, California facility but will later shift to Buffalo, New York, where production is expected to reach up to 10,000 panels a day.

SolarCity says the new panels are not only for residential installation but will benefit utility-scale projects by generating more energy from the same area, cutting overall costs of power generation.