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California County Unveils State-of-the-Art Energy Storage System Installed by Green Charge Networks

The nation’s largest provider of commercial energy storage has partnered with Santa Cruz County to install a state-of-the-art system at the county’s largest administrative building.

The Green Charge Networks system marks the first energy storage installation in Santa Cruz County and the largest such installation at a northern California county facility.

County officials joined representatives of the Silicon Valley-based company Monday to unveil the system.  A live demonstration showed real-time energy usage, operational impact, utility bill savings and a tour of the system.

“Santa Cruz County is a leader in sustainability including coastal restoration, clean air initiatives and transportation measures.  The installation of the county’s first energy storage system is a practical and exciting step to further reduce our impact on the environment,” said Greg Caput, Board of Supervisors chairman.

Installed at the Santa Cruz County Government Center, the Green Charge system stores energy during off-peak hours and allows that energy to be used during peak hours, reducing costs and allowing taxpayer dollars to go back to the county.

The storage solution is a scalable, modular system with a smart controller and sophisticated software that monitors facility loads in real time.  Installation and maintenance, including a 10-year warranty, come at no cost to the county.

Cities and counties across the state of California are working with Green Charge Networks to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable energy with energy storage.

“Working with an experienced organization like Green Charge made the installation of energy storage a smooth and seamless process.  The newest addition to our environmental efforts will help our community move to a new way of saving money, more importantly will have a big impact on helping the environment,” said John Leopold, Santa Cruz County supervisor.