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Areva Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor Fuel Design Available in the US

U.S. utilities pick Areva as nuclear plants’ EOC

Areva launches its next-generation boiling water nuclear reactor (BWR) fuel design in the U.S.
Areva’s ATRIUM 11 is in use at two U.S. reactors since April. The fuel assembly is the first BWR reactor assembly to feature an 11×11 fuel rod array, which provides enhanced safety, fuel savings and better operational flexibility.
The 16 lead fuel assemblies were manufactured at Areva’s Richland, Washington facility and were delivered in line with the project schedule. Multiple inspections have been conducted to confirm the fuel’s performance. The lead assemblies will be available for inspections in 2017 and reload supplies are expected the following year.
The ATRIUM 11 nuclear fuel design is operating in five reactors around the world.
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