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Top containment vessel installed at China nuclear power project

RCP installation time cut at AP1000 construction sites

The containment vessel top head for a nuclear power project in China was placed.

The containment vessel top head was lowered by cranes on top of the fourth ring of the Haiyang 2 containment building, according to World Nuclear News. The placement marks the end of construction of the unit’s nuclear island.

The last module to be placed is the containment water tank, which gives the AP1000 its distinctive shape and is a major part of the reactor’s safety systems.  It will hold 300 cubic metres of water that will evaporate from the surface of the containment vessel is an emergency situation where the reactor may be overheating.

The two Westinghouse AP1000 reactors at Haiyang are expected to be online by 2016 with future plans for four more AP1000s at the plant.

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