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Gridtential awarded DOE support for validation analysis at Sandia National Labs

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Gridtential Energy Inc., a provider of energy storage technology, has been selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) to pursue validation analysis at Sandia’s Energy Storage Analysis Laboratory. The grant is part of DOE’s mission to enhance grid storage, and coincides with Gridtential’s completion of 140 alpha units based on its Silicon Joule(TM) technology.

In compliance with Sandia’s standard test protocols, Gridtential’s batteries will run through a standard peak shaving application and a partial state of charge (PSoC) cycling, in which Sandia will charge the battery to 100 percent and then begin cycling it at a medium rate.

Gridtential Energy has also been funded in part by an award from the California Energy Commission’s Energy Innovations Small Grant Program. The company has developed and tested internal prototypes of an advanced battery design that will be used to develop full-scale demonstration units for field tests within the next year.

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