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Westinghouse plays key role in Mexico’s energy future

AZZ Inc. (NYSE: AZZ) will refurbish valves at a nuclear power plant in Mexico for a contract worth more than $15 million.

Caption: Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station

Westinghouse and its majority owner, Toshiba Corp., said Mexico has a promising future in nuclear energy, during the XXVI Annual Congress of the Nuclear Society of Mexicoin Puerto Vallarta.

“Mexico’s growing population and energy consumption point to the need for developing new power generation sources, as detailed in the country’s National Energy Strategy. Nuclear energy is well positioned to meet the need,” said Westinghouse Latin America Vice President Carlos Leipner.

Leipner went on to say that nuclear energy has the ability to meet Mexico’s energy requirements by generating reliable energy, producing zero carbon emissions. Nuclear energy further supports Mexico’s goal of achieving 35 percent clean power generation by the next decade.

Westinghouse has assisted the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) in numerous projects at the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station, including chemical decontamination, refueling platform maintenance, motor and valve services, crane maintenance, acoustic evaluation and mitigation and other services. Additionally, Westinghouse provides engineering and field services to support upgrades and reliability.

“Westinghouse, along with Toshiba, looks forward to continuing its support of Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station,” Todd Conner, Westinghouse vice president of Boiling Water Reactor Operating Plant Services, said. “We are demonstrating Westinghouse’s technical capabilities as we install additional modifications to further improve steam dryer performance for Unit 1. Unit 2 modifications have been completed and the unit is operating at extended power uprate conditions.”

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