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Experimental offshore floating wind farm begins second phase

A consortium of companies has been working on an experimental offshore floating wind farm off the Japanese coast.
The consortium consists of Marubeni, the project integrator; the University of Tokyo as the technical advisor; Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi, and more. The 7-MW oil pressure drive-type wind turbine and a 5-MW downwind-type floating turbine are both starting the second phase of construction. Assembly works of the 7-MW oil pressure drive-type wind turbine were successfully completed and delivery of the floater to the testing area at the Fukushima Shimpuu site will begin shortly. For the 5-MW turbine at the Fukushima Hamakaze site, the companies have procured the chains, anchors and the parts and construction of the turbine.
The consortium plans to start demonstration of the Fukushima Shimpuu site by mid-December, and is scheduled to install chains and anchors at the Fukushima Hamakaze site by late July. There are two other floating turbines at two sites in Japan currently in the first phase of construction. The companies have been working on the projects since March 2012.

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