Products June 2015

Issue 6 and Volume 119.

Particulate emission sensor

The FilterSense Model PS 10 particulate flow/emission sensor is engineered for harsh processes with high temperatures and high pressures. It is designed for applications such as coal gasification, fluid bed reactors in the plastics industry, kilns, high temperature carbon black and other combustion and incineration processes. Temperature ratings up to 1600F and pressure ratings to 1000PSI are available.

Like all FilterSense particulate sensors there are no active electronics in the sensor housing providing high reliability. The sensor is mounted remotely to electronic control units that apply advanced digital signal processing to provide exceptional performance in the extreme conditions. Applications include monitoring particulate emissions from fabric filters and particulate flow in process pipes.

Info RS#: 400

Power meter

Schneider Electric launched its PowerLogic PM5000 series power meter. This newest addition to the PowerLogic portfolio of power and energy meters is engineered on a compact and affordable platform.

These highly-accurate, reliable meters are compliant with all applicable metering standards – PM5100 and PM5300 models are rated accuracy class 0.5S while PM5500 models are rated accuracy class 0.2S. With essential features such as different communication and I/O options, a battery-backed real-time clock, alarms, multiple tariff schedules and data and event logging, the PM5000 series has all capabilities for energy cost allocation and sub-metering applications.

With internationalization language support, these meters directly connect to networks rated up to 690 V L-L without voltage transformers, reducing installation costs. Data logging capacities vary across the range, and a DIN-mountable variant is also available. The range-topping models provide a fourth current input, onboard web pages for viewing real-time and stored information, enhanced harmonics capabilities and dual Ethernet ports to daisy chain meters together, saving installation and wiring costs.

Schneider Electric
Info RS#: 401

Remote racking system

Remote Solutions LLC announced a version of the Safe-T-Rack (STR) SR-U Battery-powered Remote Racking System specifically intended for the nuclear power industry.

Compatible with ITE K600-K2000 circuit breakers, this lightweight and portable system helps ensure compliance with evolving arc flash mitigation regulations. Its unique “No Mod” design does not require installation modifications to the cubicle or breaker, and thus eliminates the need for utilities to generate costly design change documentation and post-modification testing of OE equipment.

Safe-T-Rack is a fully automated, American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-tested tool that has redefined techniques for circuit breaker remote racking and control. The latest addition to the STR line, the SR-U Battery-powered Remote Racking System, employs a Mil-Spec design and robust self-diagnostic capabilities. The system offers rechargeable 28V battery powered for international use, universal handheld controller and drive unit, quick-change tool coupling, smart drive bracket design, and an endlessly expandable data-bus design. The unit includes a standard 50-foot cable with optional extensions.

Remote Solutions LLC
Info RS#: 402

Current sensing resistors

KOA Speer Electronics offers two new current sensing resistors, the zero ohm SLZ and the 1W/2012 SLW07. The high current SLZ1 jumper chip offers a rated current of 44A in a 2512 size. The SLW07 has an enhanced high power rating of 1Watt in a smaller package size of 2010.

KOA Speer’s SLZ1 and SLW07 both feature a wide temperature range of -55°C to +180°C. The SLZ1 has a max resistance of 0.5m and the SLW07 is available in 0.5m ~100m in both 1 percent and 5 percent tolerances. The chips’ special electrode shape easily absorbs thermal expansion and shrinkage stress. Made with a flame retardant molded construction providing high mechanical stability, these resistors are suitable for reflow, wave and iron soldering.

The resistors are ideal in applications such as DC to DC conversion and AC adaptors.

KOA Speer Electronics
Info RS#: 403

Automated test system

The new Intepro SemTest automated test system is the ideal solution for reliability and extended lifetime testing of Power Semiconductors including IGBT, MOSFET, SCR, Diode and Bipolar parts and modules. This fully integrated solution meets the requirements of JEDEC standards and may be used for product development characterization. SemTest is comprised of a test system, thermal oven and test software with optional chiller and cold plates.

The Intepro SemTest system performs a combination of thermal and electrical cycles to verify new products, processes and materials including Silicon Carbide based semiconductors or devices designed to meet RoHS requirements. SemTest is designed to accelerate any failure mechanisms in the device in order to determine its life and functional operating limits.

Typical applications for the Intepro SemTest include, design engineering verification, design characterization and manufacturing validation and to simulate harsh electrical and environmental conditions demanded of the automotive, aerospace, defense industries and transportation.

Info RS#: 404

Stick welding consumable

Lincoln Electric introduces Millennium Arc 7018, a new mild-steel, low-hydrogen stick welding consumable that resists moisture in humid conditions, offering 50 percent less moisture pickup than competing shielded-metal-arc-welding consumables.

The Millennium Arc 7018 is designed for various applications: mild steel, power generation, petrochemical, pressure vessels and pressure piping. It has no intentional addition of zinc in its composition, which means significantly less zinc in the welding fume and a safer environment, overall.

Lincoln Electric
Info RS#: 405

Air quality monitoring

Aeroqual announced the AQM 65 compact air monitoring station. The AQM 65’s high performance compares favorably with US and European reference standards, but is up to five times less expensive than a reference station built on analyzers. This compact air monitoring station is also light enough to be carried by a single person, and can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

The new 65 model offers significant improvements in sensor performance, enhanced ability to operate reliably in even hotter and colder climates, and a powerful new user interface that harnesses the latest in cloud computing.

Info RS#: 406

Terminal wildlife guard

Eaton introduced its ground terminal wildlife guard from its Cooper Power Systems business. Ideal for traditional heavy-duty and riser pole applications, the ground terminal protector has a universal fit that can be quickly added to any standard distribution arrester. It has the ability to protect against flashovers between live and ground terminals and provides electrical insulation through a compact, inexpensive and effective system.

Exceeding the 1656- 2010 standard from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, both the line terminal and ground terminal wildlife guards have the ability to withstand wet power frequency flashovers, cold temperatures and ultraviolet and salt fog aging. Guard ratings are available up to 22 kV compared to the 5 kV industry standards.

Cooper Power Systems
Info RS#: 407

Alarm horn sounders

The E2x series of high performance non-sparking alarm horn sounders, Xenon strobe beacons and combined devices from E2S have gained approval for Zone 2, 22 applications to the latest IECEx and ATEX standards for gas and dust applications, complementing its existing Class I & II Division 2 UL and cULs approvals.

The main enclosure is manufactured from lightweight, corrosion proof PPS, and the re-entrant horns from high impact, fire retardant ABS. Selected models are available with the innovative 360° radial horn option. The robust construction and electronics with certification from the world¹s leading approval bodies ensure that the E2x signals can be installed in the harshest of operating environments with complete confidence.

The series consists of powerful 45 tone, three channel/stage electronic alarm horn sounders with an output of up to 121dB(A) @ 1 meter (112dB(A) @ 10ft/3m) – multi-horn installations feature automatic synchronization of the alarm tones on all devices on the same circuit. E2x visual signals include Xenon strobe 5 and 10 Joule beacons, available with a choice of six lens colors, provide up to 1,000,000 peak candela. Combination signals offer a SPL of 116dB(A) @ 1 meter (107dB(A) @ 10ft/3m) with a 5 Joule Xenon strobe, providing an efficient and cost-effective audible and visual signal in a one device. For PA applications the E2x loudspeakers are available as 15 or 25W in either line transformer or low impedance versions.

E2S Digital photo (alarm horns.jpg)
Info RS#: 408

Mobile antennas

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, a division of TESSCO Technologies Incorporated (NASDAQ: TESS), introduced three new TerraWave LTE-band Mobile Antennas that ensure superior cellular connectivity even in the most remote locations. These mobile antennas support 3G/LTE, SCADA, wireless backhaul and broadband communications that are critical for applications such as asset tracking/RFID and remote monitoring (m2M), fleet management and public safety in the utility, oil and gas and industrial sectors.

3G/LTE Terminal Omni Antenna- This antenna is designed for use in environments where robust cellular connectivity is needed for data/voice/video, SCADA/telemetry and process control applications. The Terminal Omni Antenna supports a broad range of 3G/LTE modems and terminals while eliminating cable loss and performance variations associated with antennas integrated with extension cables. It includes a hinged right-angle SMA connector that allows flexibility to support various connector positions. TESSCO No. 515219

3G/LTE Outdoor Omni Antenna- This antenna is ideal for remote monitoring in the oil and gas industry and also for smart-grid and utility meters. It is a robust antenna that can withstand the elements and consistently provide outstanding 3G/LTE omnidirectional coverage and connectivity. The 698-960/1710-2170 MHz Wi-Fi 2/4 dBi Omni antenna has N-style plug connectors and is designed for data acquisition over long distances. TESSCO No. 566090

3G/LTE/Wi-Fi/GPS Omnidirectional Antenna- Designed for m2M communications such as remote monitoring in the oil and gas/utilities industries. The Omnidirectional Antenna is perfect for space-constrained or budget-conscious users because it provides multi-frequency coverage in a small form factor. It includes three 13 pigtails; one dedicated to GPS for communicating location; one to the Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz frequency band for communications with local terminals and radios; and one to the LTE frequency bands for backhaul to the network. TESSCO No. 512336.

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure
Info RS#: 409

Variable wire resistors for voltage adjustment

The VRH320 Variable Wire Wound Resistor has a wide range of applications for voltage and current adjustment including industrial machinery RPM adjustment, instruments, automated control installations, load simulation and educational modelling.

The VRH320 has been ergonomically designed to enable simple and accurate adjustments by use of its top mounted slider. It is encapsulated in an IP20 rated lacquered metal casing which has dimensions of 446mm x 93mm x 160mm.

There are six resistance values available in this range encompassing 10 to 10K. Key specifications of the ARCOL VRH320 include a 320VA continual loading with a 640VA overload capability for a period of 15mins. As with all ARCOL products the VRH320 is RoHS compliant.

Arcol Resistors
Info RS#: 410

Classic power supply units

Newly redesigned EPSITRON CLASSIC Power Supply units offer a slimmer profile enabling added space savings in the control cabinet.

Additional benefits include integrated TopBoost, which offers output protection with standard circuit breakers, -40 °C cold start capability for extreme weather applications, ambient temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C, pre-cabling with pluggable CAGE CLAMP connection technology, and LED status indicator and DC OK indicator on select units.

With a wide input range of 85 to 264 V, GL approval and enhanced cost/performance ratio the new 787 Series designs are ideal for a wide variety of power supply design applications.

Info RS#: 411

Touch-panel computers

Power management company Eaton announced the launch of the technologically advanced XP500 family of industrial touch-panel personal computers (PCs). The powerful, multi-touch, low-maintenance touch screen allows the user to pinch, zoom, rotate, scroll and finger swipe, just like a smartphone or tablet. Openness, sturdiness and ease of use are all packed into a premium, slim design.

Eaton developed the XP500 family especially to meet the requirements of plant engineers and machine builders. All solid-state memory and a fanless design means there are no moving parts that could compromise reliability in industrial applications. They are designed for use in harsh industrial environments, including hazardous UL/cUL Class I Division 2 applications, and can be connected to standard control systems via two independent Ethernet interfaces, as well as by its RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces.

All XP500 panel PCs can be easily integrated thanks to their fully open PC design, high reliability, and flexible configurability provided by the Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system. XP500 PCs are available with widescreen sizes of 10.1 inches, 15.6 inches and 21.5 inches.

Info RS#: 412

Corrosion inhibitor

CorrBlock is a time-release, biodegradable corrosion inhibitor block for water treatment industries. It is designed for open loop recirculating cooling systems and waste water systems.

The block is formulated using renewable soybean-based wax and proven Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) technology. The inhibitors in CorrBlock provide multimetal protection and are excellent replacement for chromates, nitrites, and other types of restricted corrosion inhibitors. The VpCIs form a strong monomolecular layer on metal surfaces that protect in all three phases – liquid, vapor, and the vapor-liquid interface. CorrBlock eliminates the need for dosing pumps and tanks for conventional liquid inhibitors as well as protects tools, workpiece, and metalworking machines during downtime.

Cortec Corporation
Info RS#: 413

Solar inverter diode

Cree Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) has demonstrated that its best-in-class SiC MOSFET and diode technologies enable previously unattainable levels of power density in string solar inverter products, yielding greater than 99.1 percent at peak levels at one-fifth the average size and weight of today’s silicon-based inverter units.

Cree’s systems engineering team designed a proof-of-concept 50kW string solar inverter that exhibits a remarkable 50 percent reduction in power loss and operates at three to five times the switching frequency that conventional silicon technology can currently achieve. The combination of these two factors drastically reduces both the size and weight of the inverter’s cooling system, as well as its filtering components, which translates into a unit-cost reduction approaching 15 percent.

Additional applications that have been proven to benefit from Cree SiC technology include: industrial power supplies, induction heating units, battery charging stations, wind turbine converters, and traction inverters, amongst others.

Cree Inc.
Info RS#: 414

Data integration software

Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. released the Cogent DataHub, a secure real-time data access and integration software for networked industrial systems. Version 7.3.6 offers a new Modbus feature that allows the DataHub to connect to any Modbus slave over Modbus TCP.

Fully integrating Modbus into the Cogent DataHub means that data from any device on a Modbus TCP network can be viewed on the web, logged to a database, connected to an Excel spreadsheet, or made available to virtually any location across the Internet of Things (IoT) through the Secure Cloud Service from Cogent’s parent company, Skkynet Cloud Systems Inc.

Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc.
Info RS#: 415

Measuring microscope

Olympus Corporation launched the new STm7 measuring microscope, an industrial microscope system designed for highly accurate measurement of machined parts, semiconductors, electronic components, and other processed industrial materials.

The STm7 is available as both a manual Z-axis model and a motorized Z-axis model, each with a variety of stage options. Designed for highly efficient inspection and enhanced productivity, the STm7‘s large square stage (up to 300mm x 300mm) can accommodate a number of variously shaped samples at the same time. The STm7 makes it possible to measure large samples such as printed circuit boards or semiconductor wafers with no shift in orientation.

The STm7 features a highly durable, vibration-resistant frame with a granite surface plate. It uses the same UIS2 infinity-corrected observation system harnessed by the industry¹s most powerful optical microscopes.

Olympus Corporation
Info RS#: 416

Suspended platform

Power Climber, a division of SafeWorks LLC, has launched PowerMod – the versatile, flexible, and cost-effective modular knockdown suspended platform that provides safe, secure and stable access for a variety of projects performed at height.

With a 2,000-lb load capacity and a variety of possible configurations, PowerMod fits into hard-to-reach working spaces for various construction, maintenance, restoration, painting and inspection applications. Built-in toeboards, adjustable guardrails, one step self-locking pins, and a lightweight frame make the PowerMod easy to transport and assemble. Compact parts reduce inventory costs, and aluminum extrusion components extend the product’s life by resisting corrosion caused by harsh environments.

Power Climber
Info RS#: 417